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The rules governing driving time, on-duty time and off-duty time allow drivers of heavy vehicles A road vehicle having a gross vehicle weight rating GVWR of 4, kg or more, or a combination of road vehicles having a gross combination weight rating of 4, kg or more. The following vehicles are also considered to be heavy vehicles regardless of their GVWR: buses, minibuses, tow trucks, vehicles transporting dangerous substances requiring the display of safety marks. Abiding by the hours of driving The period of time during which a driver operates a heavy vehicle while the engine is running.

Drivers must comply with the rules governing driving time and off-duty time if they drive one of the following vehicles:. Drivers of buses or minibuses other than those used for urban transit must abide by the rules governing driving time and off-duty time, as thoses vehicles are considered heavy vehicles. Drivers and operators of the following heavy vehicles are exempted from the regulatory requirements governing hours of driving and off-duty time.

A heavy vehicle used for an entire day by an individual for personal purposes other than commercial or professional ones. Examples of tool vehicles:. The farm tractor A tractor that is equipped with tires and is generally used for agricultural purposes, whether or not it is authorized for use on public roads. The tractor must belong to an individual or company that owns or leases a farm and whose principal occupation is farming, or that is a member of an association certified under the Farm Producers Act.

For the vehicle to be exempted, urban transit must be provided by a public transit corporation or under a contract with a public transit body, an inter-municipal commission or board, a municipality or group of municipalities. The combination of vehicles is exempted, except for a vehicle combination transporting dangerous substances requiring the display of safety marks. To be exempted, the vehicle must not require the display of safety marks, and cannot be a minibus or a tow truck.

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The truck must be used to transport the primary products of a farm, forest or fishery, if the operator of the truck is the producer of the products. We know that fatigue increases the risks of accidents and that is why we are taking action across all modes of transportation. It will help enforcement officers more easily verify compliance and remove those operators from the road who are not operating legally, improving road safety for all users.

As part of the regulatory development process, Transport Canada is committed to aligning with vehicle regulations in the United States to the fullest extent possible provided that it is in the best interest of Canadians. By further aligning Canadian and U. Transport Canada estimates that the mandatory requirement for electronic logging devices will reduce the risk of fatigue-related collisions by approximately 10 percent.


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Skip to main content Skip to "About government". The Government of Canada is improving safety in the commercial driving industry From: Transport Canada News release The Government of Canada is committed to improving road safety in order to keep all Canadian road users safe. Search for related information by keyword: Road transport Transport Canada Canada Road transportation business general public media news releases Hon.

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Report a problem or mistake on this page. Get alerts for HOS violations before they occur, so you can keep your mind on the road. The direct connection enables you to stay compliant in remote areas with no cell reception. With a wide variety of cable options, the KeepTruckin ELD can connect with just about any vehicle on the road.

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The KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App, when used alone, is a fully editable electronic log that is a replacement for paper logs. Drivers can create vehicle inspection reports and record defects in the KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App. Fleet managers can view all vehicle inspection reports in the KeepTruckin Dashboard.

Additionally, if you are using a model year or newer Mack or Volvo truck, KeepTruckin provides a special cable harness. When you order an ELD you can specify the type of diagnostic port in your vehicle. We also provide Y-cables so you can hide the cabling behind a trim panel. This will not be an issue with most cellular data plans, which typically allow for 5 GB of data each month — 50X more than what KeepTruckin uses. Data overages have not been a problem for KeepTruckin users. However, the driver must regularly open the KeepTruckin App while connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot to share logs with their company and backup data to KeepTruckin servers.

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We recommend using KeepTruckin with a cellular data plan. When the vehicle returns to 0 MPH, the vehicle is considered Stationary.

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  4. Any driving time recorded by the ELD while the driver has selected Personal Conveyance will be considered as Off Duty time and any driving time recorded while the driver has selected Yard Move will be considered as On Duty time. Fleet managers can choose to enable or disable a driver for the Personal Conveyance and Yard Move special driving categories in the KeepTruckin Dashboard.

    Where applicable, KeepTruckin supports separate rules for property and passenger-carrying vehicles. Additionally, KeepTruckin supports rules for carriers utilizing the oilfield operations exceptions under 49 CFR When the driver finishes driving, he or she will disconnect from the ELD, allowing the next driver to establish a new ELD connection from their own account.