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The AGT Sportscaster includes everything you need for vehicle installation. Transmit XM to your vehicle's XM radio. Favorite button allows you to program 30 of your favorite channels. Download it here. I'm already a subscriber. I'm a subscriber. I'm new to SiriusXM. I don't have an account. I'm new to Sirius XM. Your pricing has been updated You selected that you are an existing subscriber, but you did not sign in.

If you are a subscriber, please click the sign in button below. If you are not a subscriber, please continue to checkout. Sign In Checkout. Your pricing has been updated Your pricing was updated as you do not have any active subscriptions associated to your account, please call customer service if you have any questions: To purchase this radio with subscription, you must create a new SiriusXM Music for Business account Clicking 'Continue' will log you off this session.

Make sure the Magnetic Mount Antenna is mounted outside of the vehicle. Item Dimensions: 0. The company has combined their most advanced technology with exciting features to create the ultimate listening experience in your home, office and beyond. And sports fans never miss a game or score again with game and score alerts, and sports ticker. Plays at home, office, outdoors or in additional vehicles with just one subscription.

Includes home kit and remote. Do not expose to chemicals such as benzene and thinners. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Clean with a soft damp cloth only. Item Dimensions: 2.

  1. XM Radio Sportscaster Receiver with Portable Battery Kit Headphones.
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  3. AGT Sportscaster Receiver with Vehicle Kit.

Item Dimensions: 2 x 3. Enjoy high quality sound from your Satellite radio anywhere you go. With the SiriusXM docking station you can simply take your radio, plug it into the dock, and you will be ready to listen to your favorite station. The dock can be used with a conventional AC outlet.

If you want to take it out doors with you it will run off of 8 D-cell batteries giving you complete mobility with your music. The handy remote that comes with the dock allows you to control you radio and the docking station from a distance. If you ever want to play music from one of your other media devices you can just plug it into the docking station using the aux in jack.

When it is late at night or if you just want to listen to your music privately, you can always use the headphone jack and listen with some headphones. Item Dimensions: 7 x 19 x 8. This easy to install mount and charger kit will allow you to remove your radio and install it in less than a minute, you can now take your satellite radio and quickly plug it into another vehicle with out fuss of connecting all the cables again. This mount also comes with a charging cable to keep you radio charged and ready where ever it may go.

With this kit you won't miss a second of your favorite radio stations. The SiriusXM vehicle mounting kit is what you need if your car stereo is satellite radio ready. This easy to install kit will allow you to just take your satellite radio and quickly plug it into the dock, and play your favorite XM radio station through your car speakers. It is compatible with almost every car stereo that can receive FM radio.

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This kit also comes with a charging cable to keep you radio charged and ready where ever it may go. With this kit you won t miss a second of your favorite radio stations. Item Dimensions: 1. Low profile, small size and approximately feet of cable allows the antenna to be placed almost anywhere on the vehicle to ensure optimal signal reception.

The magnetic base is great and allows for strong grip. This allows you to hide it anywhere in the car. This antenna is compatible with all radios and docks that work on the Sirius and XM networks with push on style, single input antenna connector. Item Dimensions: 5. Don't let its intuitive design and easy installation fool you. The Stratus 7 brings the world of satellite radio to your ride -or anywhere else you want to listen. It may be simple to use but this radio is pure genius. XM Satellite Radio home antenna.

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This is the same antenna that is included with all home kits, and boombox packages. This antenna will work both indoors and outside. This antenna can also be used on your XM or Sirius boombox!

Find what moves you! This SXV Package includes the satellite radio tuner that plugs in to your Sirius xm-ready car stereo receiver which tucks neatly behind your dash, and an exterior antenna that attaches with a powerful magnetic base. Also included is an installation tool to make a self-install a breeze, along with an installation Guide to walk you through step-by-step.

SXV features: connect, control and enjoy Sirius XM though the vehicle's in-dash audio system; no special translators or cable adapters are needed. Single Interface cable connection to Sirius xm-ready car stereo simplifies installation.

RVK AGT XM Radio Receiver with Vehicle Kit

Pause, rewind and replay up to 60 minutes of live satellite radio. Start enjoying Sirius xm s commercial-free music, plus the most news, play-by-play sports from every Major League and college conferences, endless comedy, exclusive talk and entertainment! What you love is on now. Pioneer avhex double-din 6. Item Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 9 inches The SiriusXM home docking kit is what you need if you want to listen to your favorite XM radio Stations at your house. It has a very easy installation. Basically plug the dock into a receiver or speaker system and you will be up and running.

Just take your radio from your dock on the way out the door or put it on the dock when you get home and you re ready to listen. It s that simple!

AGT Sportscaster Portable Battery Kit

The SXDH3 home docking kit comes with a charge cord to prevent your radio from running out of power when you are listening to your music. Don t miss one second of your favorite music. Superheterodyne designed to receive standard AM and FM broadcast frequencies. New transistor module allows you to switch between the modern integrated circuit IC technology and the original transistor technology.

Includes radio mounting stand. Initially, only identify the parts that you will need for the AM radio as listed in the manual.

Xm sportscaster manual

A separate parts list will be shown for the FM radio after you have completed the AM radio. Item Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 18 inches If you ever want to play music from one of your other media devices you can just plug it. The radio features a large 3. Create your own music Channel from selected channels with tune mix.

Store up to 10 of your favorite channels and view what s playing on those channels in split screen mode.

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  6. XM Radio AGT Sportscaster Receiver with Portable Battery Kit and Car Kit.

Choose from two display options and view artist or show name, song or program title and content or channel information with up to three lines of data. Easily lock and unlock channels with mature content with the parental controls.