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We are committed to protecting the rights of children who are accused of committing a crime.

In Texas, if you are under the age of 17 and accused of committing any type of crime, your case will likely be handled in juvenile court. Children can be accused of committing many of the same crimes as adults, including sex offenses. However, in more severe cases, an older juvenile may be treated as an adult and face adult sentencing. If a juvenile is adjudicated delinquent, he or she may be required to register as a sex offender in the state of Texas. However, juvenile court judges have more leeway and can rule that a juvenile offender does not have to register, or the judge can order the youth to counseling, and after the counseling is completed, make a decision as to whether the youth must register as a sex offender.

The Texas Sex Offender Registry

This judicial discretion is not allowed in adult sex offense cases, and it is one significant way that juvenile sex offenses differ from those of adults. Also, if a juvenile offender is ordered to register, it is usually only for a year period, and not for a lifetime like many adult offenders.

However, most types of sex offenses are generally the same for juveniles and adults. The prosecution would have to prove that the defendant engaged in sexual contact with a person younger than 17, or that he or she caused the alleged victim to engage in sexual contact. A knowledgeable attorney can be critical in navigating the defense of charges such as these. Factors such as the age difference between the accused and the alleged victim, or the absence of any force or threat on the part of the defendant, can lead to having such charges possibly reduced or even dismissed.

Town Ordinances Can Be Problematic for Texas' Registered Offenders

Having handled numerous juvenile sex offenses cases in Plano and the surrounding cities, criminal defense attorney Paul Stuckle understands the nuances of the law in this area and the high stakes for anyone accused of a crime. Most states maintain their sex offender registries online for access by members of the public through a designated law enforcement agency. Many different types of sex offenses under Texas law require sex offender registration for varying amounts of time. Some Texas sex crimes require sex offender registration for a certain period.

For instance, a conviction for the crime of Indecency with a Child by Exposure, which is a third-degree felony under Texas law, requires that the perpetrator register as a sex offender for a period of ten years. However, many convictions for sex crimes in the state of Texas now mandate that the perpetrators register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Failure to abide by registration requirements is also an independent criminal act and can be the basis for revocation of probation or parole.

Mandatory sex offender registration is only one of the very serious penalties that will result from a Texas sex offense conviction.

Texas Public Sex Offender Registry

Former prosecutors Keith and Kevin Harris know the intricacies of Texas sex crimes, as well as the requirements of the Texas sex offender registry. Due to their unique experience, Keith and Kevin are fully prepared to help you fight against the lifetime label of sex offender, which is a very realistic and probable result of a Texas sex crime conviction.

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