Coventry connecticut early marriage records

Society -- Dec. Manley Jan.

Barbour Collection

Skeensborough Feb. Kingsbury and Nath'l Root Dec.

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Society Jan. Mahew of Goshen and Cynthia Reynolds Feb. Manley and Solomon King of Becket Jan. Rose Oct. Society and Dr. Sam'l White of Andover Jan.

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Mahew of Goshen Feb. Robertson and Lucy Edwards Nov. Kingsbury Dec. Root and Rebecca Hawkins Jan. Milford Feb.

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    Connecticut Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage license and other vital records

    Sam'l Rose and Elis. Hale Dec. Thus, there are two parts of the Barbour Collection: the slip index, and bound volumes for individual towns. The statewide alphabetical file, consisting of more than a million slips in index drawers, is arranged alphabetically by name of individual and within that, chronologically. Each slip contains a complete abstract of an event, generally a birth, marriage, or death. Where parentage, residence, or relationship is found in the original entry, it is included in the Barbour abstract. At the bottom of each slip there is a citation to the original source from which the information was obtained: town, volume, and page.

    A list of abbreviations used may be found in the front of each Barbour Collection bound volume. Although there is normally no more information in the original records than what appears in the abstract on the slip, researchers desiring to see the original context or verify the accuracy of the transcription may consult the original records on microfilms which are available for use at the Connecticut State Library or through LDS Family History Centers.

    Yellow slips in the same file have similar entries from private sources and institutions see Related page Vital Records from Private Sources.

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    Index Volumes Since the bound Barbour volumes were prepared from the slips, they contain essentially the same information and the same references to the original records. However, there are some important distinctions:. While the slip index retains the original spelling of the surname, the bound volumes consolidate surnames under one spelling, so that the original is not preserved.

    Since the bound volume is yet another generation away from the original source, the potential exists for additional errors in transcription. Each bound volume contains an introduction explaining the sources of information and abbreviations used.

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