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Good site. Have had no luck. Found this for texting a Wind Mobile cell phone from your e-mail. Suppose I could just try and guess what to use for Videotron Quebec cell phone customers and start by trying: number sms. Still searching around. Please post here if anyone out there does know.

Most cell phone users have free unlimited incoming texts. I tried this extension pcs. Can recipients text me back? Or is this only for sending out messages? Yes they can. It will come from their number. I tried this with Bell and it worked as a regular text message. Hope this helps. The rogers eimail pcs. I got around this by writing my code to send batches of 50 or less at a time with a 2 or 3 second pause in between.

Here is the email for Rogers: pcs. I manage a school board announcement system using this method and we now has over 9 thousand subscribers. I have started to hear of long delays, sometimes hours, on receipt of messages. These are mostly school closings and early dismissals so it is not acceptable to be more than half an hour late.

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Any idea where I should be looking for a solution to this problem? You might want to look into using mailchimp. This is new, well.. Texting your customers through email! That is new. This is really a great post! If you can please post them too. Some people really think SMS are already outdated because there are new technologies and ways to communicate constantly coming. All Rights Reserved. Service Areas Careers. User Experience. First name. Last name. Phone optional. Company optional.

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Access Secure Documents Download secure information about the listings you're interested in. Create Account Already have an account? Note: This feature is not currently available to residents of the European Union. They are used in order for the agent in the call center to confirm the phone the customer is calling from, so that a computer can automatically display the customer's account on a " screen pop " for the next available customer service representative; they are distinct from purpose-made toll-free ANAC numbers.

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Regardless, if one were to call one of these numbers, listen for the number confirmation and hang up, they would in effect be using this system as if it were an ANAC. One such toll-free service is one owned by MCI - This number US only is easy to remember and, when called, will read back the number after a very short message.

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These numbers appear on various lists circulated on-line, many from the s and s. Most were published years ago by Phrack , Magazine , the alt. The information is not reliable, as numbers change often. Many of the listed numbers no longer work. The list is presented by area code, number and location. In some regions, there are several numbers, depending on the telephone company or the area code of the caller, as there can be several central offices serving some areas.

Frequently, a prefix outside the or range such as , , , was also listed as a test exchange, only to be reclaimed and issued as a block of standard numbers at a later date. NANPA's utilised codes report will indicate 'UA' unassignable for valid test prefixes; if a formerly 'UA' code newly appears on the available list or becomes an active exchange, any former test numbers from its time as a reserved prefix are presumed invalid and deprecated.

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N11 prefixes such as , and are also disappearing as test numbers as these codes are reassigned to local services such as city, community or highway information. It is also preferable to call an open ANAC rather than the password-protected one given below. The below numbers are not true ANAC numbers; however, they do read back one's phone number.

These numbers provide valuable services to the customers they serve; it is, therefore, inadvisable to misuse them. The current use of exchange prefixes for each area code is listed by CNAC; [8] if an exchange changes from "plant test" to reclaimed or active, any former test numbers with the associated prefix are invalidated.

Commonly-used test numbers for major carriers include:. Occasionally, a number in an existing, standard local exchange in the area is used. These will incur a toll and might not work outside their home area. As standard local calls, they are not accessible from ADSL "dry loop", inbound-only or unsubscribed lines:. The use of N11 prefixes such as for test numbers is also deprecated as now often reaches city hall or municipal services while is local community information.