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If you're unsure about the status of your driver's license in Iowa, you can always get a copy of your Iowa driving record. Septic Permit — Where do I get one? Birth Certificate — Where do I get a copy? Real Estate — How do I request information on liens on real estate parcels?

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Lien judgment information is available in the Clerk of Courts Office, located on the main floor of the Grundy County Courthouse. Clerk of Court — Will you research a case for me? License Plates — When can I renew them?

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Answer: You have the month before, the month of, and the month following your license plate renewal month to renew without penalty. Property Taxes — When are they due? Answer: Your tax statement will provide you with the amount of the tax due for the year. The tax statement will include two payment stubs, one for the first half of the year and one for the second half. You may choose to pay each half by the due date with these stubs or pay the full year at once. The first half of taxes are due by September 1st of each year late interest will begin accruing October 1st and the second half is due by March 1st of each year late interest will begin accruing April 1st.

Property Taxes — What types of credits are available for the elderly, disabled, or low-income property owners? Jury Duty — How will I know when I need to report for jury duty? Answer: You will be notified by mail when you will need to report. Food Stamps — How do I get them? Legal Description — Where do I find mine?

Answer: The legal description can be found on your land abstract or on the County GIS Mapping site which you can access from the homepage of this website. Dust Control — How do I apply for this service? Real Estate — How much does it cost to record a real estate deed and mortgage?

Is Guthrie County assessor getting a tax break? Question prompts state, county showdown.

Car Title — Where do I get the title transferred into my name if purchasing a car? Voter Registration — Where and how do I register to vote? They will provide you with a voter registration form to complete and sign in order to become a registered voter in Grundy County. You may also complete a voter registration form to make a change to your registration information.

A voter registration form may be obtained on-line by clicking here. Death Certificate — Where do I obtain a copy of one? Real Estate — How do I find out about a building structure, square footage, etc. Roads — Who maintains the county roads? Traffic Citations — What amount on the ticket do I pay? If you are paying after the court date, you would pay the Unsecured Appearance Bond amount at the bottom of the ticket. Property Taxes — What are my payment options? Real Estate — How do I change my name on a property? Property Taxes — Can I make a partial payment?

Answer: You may make partial payments for current or delinquent real estate or mobile home property tax. Partial payments are not accepted for special assessments or tax sale redemption payments. A partial payment must be indicated on your payment of tax due. Clerk of Court — What are their office hours? Traffic Citations - How do I plead not-guilty to my traffic citation?

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Answer: You would notify the Clerk of Court's Office either verbally or in writing on or before the court date on the ticket. You will then be notified by mail of your trial date. General Relief — Where do I apply for relief services? License Plates — How do I get a refund on my plates?

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If approved, a refund will be mailed to you within four to six weeks. License Plates — Where do I apply for personalized license plates?

Motor Vehicle Department — Where is it located? The assessor determines a full or partial value of new construction, or improvements depending upon the state of completion as of January 1. Taxing jurisdictions such as schools, cities and townships, adopt budgets after public hearings.

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This determines the tax levy, which is the rate of taxation required to raise the money budgeted. The taxes you pay are proportional to the value of your property compared to the total value of property in your taxing district. Home Board of Supervisors. Assessor Information.