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The traditional system is based on the first letter of the last name, so it is crucial that this letter is known and has been correctly transcribed from documents. In such cases, the traditional Soundex system will not be useful. The Extended Soundex system, however, assigns a numeric code to the first letter and to later consonants. Because the code consists of only six numbers and there are 20 consonants in the alphabet, it is likely that a number will represent more than one letter. Therefore, a search for a surname that begins with one letter could result in surnames that begin with other letters.

What information is on a death certificate? Death certificates contain two types of information: information about the person and information about the death. Information about the death may include: date of death, primary cause of death, contributing cause of death, duration of the primary and contributing causes of death, signature and address of the physician, former residence if death occurred away from home, place of death, place of burial, date of burial, signature and address of undertaker, date when the certificate was filed, and signature of the local registrar.

If interested, you may view these examples of death certificates. Not all of this information will be on every death certificate. The forms were not always complete. Earlier death records frequently used abbreviations and medical terms that are now outdated for illnesses. View the RootsWeb site to find modern equivalents for older medical terms. How can I locate death certificates on the microfilm?

To use the microfilm, you need to know two things: 1 the year of death and 2 the death certificate number. Both can be found in the index.

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The inventory is in chronological order, listing all the microfilm reels for that year. It also notes the sequential range of death certificate numbers found on each reel. The death certificates themselves are arranged in a complicated fashion on the microfilm. The primary arrangement is by year, then by political unit. Each county is listed in alphabetical order.

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Each county is then broken down into its civil subdivisions townships, villages, cities, and unorganized territory, if any. These civil subdivisions are arranged alphabetically with unorganized territory at the end of each county sequence. Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth are categorized separately, being listed after the last of the counties. Will I find any additional information besides the death certificate?

In some cases, supporting information may appear along with the death certificate. These attachments have been microfilmed and directly follow the certificate itself on the film. This supporting data can come in a range of styles and include a variety of information. For example, if a mistake was made on the original death certificate, the Department of Health would draft an official Affidavit of Correction with the correct information. In other cases, the Department of Health may have required a doctor to provide additional information about a death certificate.

How can I find death certificates for Native Americans? Locating death certificates for Native Americans may require some extra research. Many of the certificates contain Native American names in the original Ojibwe language, for example, or a combination of native and Anglicized versions. Researchers should check all variations of such names in the index. This was an especially common practice before Are there other sources for death records?

The cards are transcripts of death certificates; they are not complete, nor are they official documents. The index to death cards for to can be found in the online Death Certificate Index. To find an official death certificate dated before , you may need to contact the individual county in which the death occurred. Minnesota did not have an official statewide death records system until Until then, each county maintained its own death registry.

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The vital statistics officer is frequently the county recorder, but records may be found in other county offices. These early records may not contain as much detail as later ones. You should be able to obtain copies of a death certificate from either location for a fee. How were the death certificates created? When someone died, a physician or mortician compiled information about the deceased on a death certificate. The certificate was registered with the local county registrar and the original copy sent to the Office of Vital Statistics, Minnesota Department of Health.

At that point, the death certificate at the Department of Health became the official, permanent record. Where can I get certified copies of a death certificate? Certified death certificates may be requested from the vital statistics registrar at a local county office or from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Certification requires the completion of an application to establish your tangible interest in a certificate. Certification is designed to prevent fraud by restricting access to certificates used for legal purposes, such as settling an estate. Are there other research tips and warnings?

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Online searchable index of death cards from to and the death certificates from to Indexes of deaths from the Minnesota Department of Health in Minneapolis. Index provided by Ancestry. Name index of municipal death records in St. The collection includes death registers, mortuary records, and death certificates. Name index to death and burial records from the state of Minnesota. This set contains 1,, records.

Due to privacy laws, recent records may not be displayed. The year range represents most of the records. A few records may be earlier or later.

If you find a link that is no longer working, please let us know so we can remove it. Alabama Deaths, Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates, Search public birth certificates and public death certificates from the state of Arizona.

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Illinois Death Certificates Database, This database provides listings of death certificates filed with the Illinois Department of Public Health between and Illinois Statewide Death Index, Pre The pre— Illinois death index is an ongoing project coordinated by the Illinois State Archives. The sources for this index include original county clerks' death records, such as death registers and licenses.

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Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, More than one million marriages are included in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. Kentucky Vital Records. Michigan Death Records, The Seeking Michigan collection from the Library of Michigan features nearly 1 million digital images of death certificates online for free searching and viewing. Minnesota Historical Society People Finder. This great search engine from The Minnesota Historical Society includes, but is not limited to Minnesota Death records , Death Certificates from , Birth Certificates , and much more.