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Divorce Modification. Following a divorce or paternity action, a parent may refuse to pay child support or medical expenses.

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A parent may not allow the other parent access to the child, or refuse to cooperate with other terms of the divorce. A DNA paternity test establishes the natural and legal father of a child who is born when the parents are not married.

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Child Support. We fight to defend the rights of those arrested and accused of criminal offenses.

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Liberty Law handles all types of criminal cases ranging from minor infractions and misdemeanors to the most serious felony indictments. Even in those cases where the State can prove the charges against the accused, we negotiate aggressively and attempt to mitigate the damage to you and your family. Personal Injury. If you have been injured in an accident and believe that your accident may have been the result of negligence, it is very important that you take the time to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Our divorce lawyers work with you to learn more about you and your specific family law situation. This can allow us to develop legal strategies based on your specific long-term legal goals.

We can help ensure that you are fully aware of your case and provide you with honest information. Cindy Lasky is also experienced with resolving the issues that can arise specifically in military divorces. For practical and flexible representation that focuses on your needs and objectives in all family law matters, contact divorce lawyer Cindy Lasky and the rest of our law firm at At the Lasky Law Firm, we take on family law cases exclusively. We understand how stressful these matters can be, and we provide a relaxing office atmosphere, compassionate counsel, and decades of experience to help you resolve any divorce or family law matter.


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Whatever your unique situation and family dynamic, we are prepared to be of service to you. Common Issues that Arise in Divorces Florida divorce Lawyer Cindy Lasky focuses her practice on family law, and you will benefit from her experience and counsel on such issues as the following: Child custody , child support , and alimony Visitation schedules The disclosure of assets, incomes, and debts Property division litigation and negotiations Planning to relocate to another state or a distant city in Florida Florida Grounds for Divorce Before you can file for divorce in Florida, you need to meet a residency requirement.

Mediation is often the best chance for the parties to have a direct say in how their case is resolved. A Certified Mediator facilitates the discussion between the two parties and their attorneys, to resolve issues and find common ground. In the event the parties cannot resolve all of their issues, the cases are then sent to the court, where a judge will decide the ultimate outcome.

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There are actually two different ways to mediate a divorce case: publicly, through the county, or privately. One major consideration is that during mediation, the parties can help craft a resolution that may be more creative and more tailored to their unique needs than a judge could after a contested trial or hearing. We find, when so much is at stake, that a successful mediation is a cost effective and successful way to help the parties resolve disputes, find common ground moving forward, and settle upon those terms that matter most to each individual party.

Florida family law matters that we cover include but are not limited to the following:. If you are considering a divorce , contested or un-contested, child support, child custody, modification, paternity, adoption, military divorce or any family law issue, you need the advice and counsel of an experienced family lawyer, well versed in Florida family law and the issues that arise, before, during and after a settlement has been reached.

Wood, Atter and Wolf are family law attorneys always on your side and at your side throughout the entire process. Contact our Jacksonville Family Law Firm online or call us at to set a consultation to discuss your case and any questions that you may have.