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    FYI, the webmaster has had her own problems using this software. Family Files. Only the county boundaries changed. We have indexes to the obituaries published in the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram beginning with and continuing through They have been indexed by Evelyn Rogers and other volunteers. There are a total of 35, names in the index. The indexes are listed according to the names of the deceased as they were published in the paper. Traditionally, they were published in this manner, however sometimes the second obituary is a corrected copy when errors occurred in the first printing.

    We have listed both. To view the obituary index pages, click on the year:. Particularly, the school was forced to comply with the requirement of complete voluntariness under the Department of Education regulations. On October 15, , the Court granted in part and denied in part the defendants' motion to dismiss the case. The Court dismissed all plaintiffs' claims against the individual defendants in light of their entitlement to qualified immunity and the redundancy of the claims.

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    Hence, the Board remained as the only defendant in the case. On July 3, the parties entered a Consent Decree, with defendant denying any liability for sex discrimination in violation of federal law.

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    Constitution and Title IX requirements, as presented in the Opinion and Order on August 29, , for the remainder of the school year, as well as the school years through If the defendant sought to initiate a Single-Sex Activity not exempted in the Decree at any public school during the school years between and , the Defendant would be forced to provide the plaintiff with at least days notice prior to initiating the Activity.

    The plaintiff retained the right to visit the School, so long as she provided 5 days notice, to ensure the school was acting in accordance with federal law and the Consent Decree, for the five year duration the Decree was in effect.

    In accordance with the Consent Decree, the plaintiffs filed an unopposed motion to dismiss the case with prejudice on July 29, On August 6, , the judge granted the motion, incorporating the consent decree. The case is presumed closed.

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